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The Best Books About Titanic: Survivors Stories, Fiction and Nonfiction, Books for Kids and Photographic Books.

We all know the tragic story of the Titanic, the luxury liner supposed to operate on the trans-Atlantic route between Southampton, in England, and New York City.

It was the biggest and most luxurious ship at that time.

On 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg, the majestic Titanic sank, killing 1,500 out of 2,224 people on board, including the crew.

These are the best books about Titanic you must read.

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Farewell, Titanic: Her Final Legacy

By Charles Pellegrino, 2012

Charles Pellegrino published this book in 2012, for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragic end. It is the last book written with the contribution of survivors still alive.

His researches during the year helped to find useful material for the movie Titanic.

This is a sensational book, the last opportunity to see the Titanic before it will completely deteriorate and to listen to heartbreaking stories from those who were there.

Farewell, Titanic is about the exploration of the wreck and the scientific field of deep-sea anthropology; the mysteries that the Titanic holds defy a lot of previously held theories about the oceans, including environmental changes.

In a sense, the Titanic is a ‘time marker’, providing a baseline for studies of sedimentation, deep-water currents, and the breakdown of steel, and other materials.

When you think everything about the Titanic has already been said, Pellegrino is proving you wrong.

The book contains pictures of the state of the Titanic.

Into the Deep: A Memoir From the Man Who Found Titanic

By Robert Ballard and Christopher Drew, 2021

Robert Ballard is an oceanography professor, mostly known for his studies in underwater archaeology.

He has discovered many lost ships, and in 1985 he found the Titanic, the most famous of them all.

This book is a behind the scene story about the moment of the finding and the aftermath, personal tragedies, the struggles, the dangers of discoveries.

Ballard contributed immensely to ocean exploration, developing new equipment, and encouraging new students to love science.

If you like the ocean and its mysteries, this book is for you.

Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters

By Violet Jessop, 2004

Violet Jessop was a stewardess and nurse, she worked for 40 years on the most famous ocean vessels.

She incredibly survived the sinking of the Titanic, in 1912, and the World War I Britannic disaster, in 1916.

An amazing autobiography, engaging writing, interesting story on one of the first women working in first-class ships.

882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions About the Titanic

By Hugh Brewster and Laurie Coulter, 1999

The answers to all the questions you can imagine about the Titanic are here.

Plenty of pictures, graphics, high-quality printing. A must-have for those who are passionate about the Titanic, and a perfect gift for children and young adults.

The size of the ship, the menu of the restaurant, how the movie was made, details about the rooms. If you are a Titanic fanatic buy this book!

Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived

by Andrew Wilson, 2013

What happened to the 700 Titanic survivors? How the disaster changed their lives?

This book contains the memories of less known passengers, second and third-class people who never were the protagonist of the story.

Some of them had to deal with survivor guilt, depression, and misfortunes.

What happened to the people who survived was a not very explored topic and award-winning journalist Andrew Wilson filled the gap with grace.

Titanic 1912: The original news reporting of the sinking of the Titanic

By Rossignol and Mackey, 2012

This book contains the news accounts of the Titanic sinking and rare testimonies collected by reporters from survivors.

These were their first words, fundamental to understand what happened in the frightening hours after the ship hit the iceberg.

Well researched and very well written book, it is very popular among teachers who are preparing a class or an activity about the Titanic.

We suggest buying the paper version as the old newspaper pictures on the kindle version are not very clear.

Titanic in Photographs

Klistorner, Hall and Beveridge, 2014

The story of the Titanic through pictures from the collectors’ archives.

Worth buying for those passionate about the Titanic tragic destiny, the book is very large and the photos are very high quality, some are almost impossible to be found elsewhere.

Amazing images of the ship’s magnificence before the sinking. Perfect as a gift for both children and adults.

Raise the Titanic! A Dirk Pitt Adventure

By Clive Cussler, 2004

This best-seller novel by Clive Cussler is the story of Dirk Pitt, a marine explorer who was ordered by the Pentagon to raise the most famous shipwreck.

The purpose is to collect very rare elements transported on the Titanic, and essential to America’s defense system.

Impossible weather, Soviet Union espionage, this is probably one of the best novels of Dirk Pitt saga.

You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Titanic! 8 Years and up

By David Stewart, 2014

This book is part of the You Wouldn’t Want to Be series. Kids will love it, it is both entertaining and informative, full of amazing illustrations by David Antram.

Your kid will be the manager of the shipping company, his dream is to build the most amazing ship ever seen.

Funny and informative, ideal for kids or teachers who are planning activities about the Titanic.

Titanic Q&A: 100+ Fascinating Facts for Kids 8-12 Years

By Mary Montero, 2020

One of the most recent books on this list, a perfect read for families and children.

It answers all the kids’ questions about the Titanic, perfect for young readers and Titanic enthusiasts.

With the right mix of humor and technical details, there aren’t topics that you would feel uncomfortable for your children to read.

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