books like red white and royal blue

Check out these 10 books like Red, White & Royal Blue, LGBTQ+ Romance, Romantic Comedy, Royals, and More

What would happen if the son of the president of the USA and the son of the queen of England ended up entangled in a romance? This is the trigger question of Casey McQuiston’s bestseller that quickly became one of the classics of new adult fiction.

But like all good things, this book eventually comes to an end. So, if you are looking for books similar to Red, White & Royal Blue, here we recommend some that you can read next. Hopefully, you will find interesting stories that will make you emotional.

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10 books like Red, White & Royal Blue

books like red white and royal blue


by Rachel Hawkins (2018)

Royals tells us the hilarious and dramatic story of Daisy Winters, a girl whose sister is about to become the princess and future queen of Scotland.

In this way, royalty ends up filling every corner of her existence and her quiet life is flooded with royal protocols, dresses and Scottish dances.

Daisy will be forced to try to leave her previous life behind and thus adapt to this new world of crowns or perish trying.

Playing the Palace

by Paul Rudnick (2021)

In Playing the Palace, playwright, screenwriter, and novelist Paul Rudnick has a witty and captivating book about two unlikely lovers: a charming Jew from New Jersey and the crown prince of England.

The protagonist’s chance encounter with the handsome Prince Edgar, the Prince of Wales, sparks a romance with international implications and tons of sarcastic headlines.

Can two such different men be together? Find out in this romantic comedy with highly human and real characters amidst the intricate relationships of British royalty.

American Royals

by Katharine McGee (2019)

When the United States won the Revolutionary War, the people offered the crown to George Washington. Now, it is his descendants who reign in the United States.

Princess Beatrice has spent her entire life preparing to be the future first queen of America. She knows that it is quite a challenge, especially when she knows that it is a role that not everyone accepts, since there are those who love her brother, Prince Jefferson, more.

Jefferson will have to fight against the rules of his own family in order to be with the girl he truly loves. Samantha, Jefferson’s twin sister, will have to deal with her unexpected feelings when the boy of her dreams is more present in her life every day, although not in the way she wants.

However, other people are not willing for the members of the crown to be really happy and will do anything to achieve their goals. What if America had a royal family? This is the question that resonates in this great novel by Katharine McGee.

Her Royal Highness

by Rachel Hawkins (2019)

Millie is heartbroken. She feels that she has nothing to lose and decides to give Gregorstoun, a posh Scottish school, a try.

There she will meet her annoying roommate and her Royal Highness, Princess Flora of Scotland. The two girls don’t get along at first, but as the story progresses, the girls will grow closer, first as friends, and then as something else?

Will Millie be able to get over her broken heart and fall in love with her again? You are invited to discover this wonderful LGBTQ+ romance book for young adults.

A Prince on Paper

by Alyssa Cole (2019)

Alyssa Cole surprises us again with a new love story about royalty. Here you will find the classic good girl who falls for the classic bad boy.

The protagonist won’t be able to resist the charms of her love, just as readers can’t help but be drawn to modern royalty books. Because, how to avoid what drives us crazy?

Lush Money

by Angelina M. Lopez (2019)

We have before us a daring royal romance that explores the world of marriage of convenience.

Because when the ambition of a billionaire meets the desperation of a prince who seeks only to save his kingdom, an arrangement is all it takes to change the world.

Will Roxanne be able to get what she wants? Who is the prince who can fulfill her wishes?

Call Me by Your Name

by André Aciman (2007)

Since Elio meets Oliver for the first time, he feels that this boy causes something in him, something that confuses him, excites him, and fascinates him.

And throughout the book we can see how their relationship develops, Elio’s emotions and thoughts, confusions and desire.

It is such an intense romance that both the characters and the reader know that it is not going to be a simple summer love, that it is not just sex and pleasure, it is much more, it is something that marks a before and after, something that defines you forever and that you never forget no matter what.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

by Ocean Vuong (2019)

A son writes a long letter to his mother, who cannot read. The letter is actually an examination of conscience, a review of the key elements that have shaped his identity: as the son of a family of Vietnamese who fled their country for the United States and as a young man who discovers and accepts his homosexuality.

It is a truthful book which combines moments of extreme crudeness with others of subtle and elusive beauty.

Ocean Vuong dazzles us with this first novel in which literature becomes a precise and powerful tool for evocation, discovery and exploration to narrate the passage from adolescence to maturity.

The Danish Girl

by David Ebershoff (2000)

Einar Wegener always felt different from the rest of the men, but he lacked the answer to this uncomfortable feeling of confusion, almost of rejection towards himself.

When his wife, Gerda Wegener, begged him to substitute his usual model to finish one of his famous female portraits, the enveloping, warm feel of silk on his skin became a revelation to Einar, the discovery of his true self by the name of Lilli.

David Ebershoff offers a complex portrait of sexual identity in this freely inspired novel by the true story of Einar Wegener/Lilli Elbe.

One Last Stop

by Casey McQuiston (2021)

This is the story of August and Jane, two girls who meet on the New York subway. August is a newcomer to the city looking to get away from bad family experiences and end up living in a new city with new people and new problems.

Jane is the mysterious girl that August found on the subway. She is beautiful, mysterious and kind, and brightens up August’s days by making her forget about her fears and her feeling of not fitting in anywhere except with her.

Jane seems like the perfect girl for August except that she has to go back to her time: 1970.

What should I read after Red White and Royal Blue?

1. Royals
2. Playing the Palace
3. American Royals
4. Her Royal Highness
5. A Prince on Paper
6. Lush Money
7. Call Me by Your Name
8. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
9. The Danish Girl
10. One Last Stop

Is there going to be a movie on red white and royal blue?

Yes, a movie based on red white and royal blue will soon play out on-screen. It will be directed by Matthew López and available on Amazon, the cast includes Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry of England.

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