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The Best Books like The Selection Series if You Loved Kiera Cass’ Books. Love and romance, court intrigue and disturbing dystopias.

The Prince of Illéa has decided to take a wife and, as is tradition, The Selection will begin: all the girls between the ages of sixteen and twenty may be one of the thirty-five selected to go to the palace, where the prince will have the opportunity to meet them and choose the future queen. This was the idea that started what would later become the successful and popular series called The Selection, written by Kiera Cass.

Whether you are a fan of the universe of The Selection or if you are a reader drawn to stories of love and romance, court intrigue and disturbing dystopias, in this article you will find some books to fill the shelves of your library.

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1. Delirium

by Lauren Oliver, 2011

Love is a strong thing, a good thing, right? Can you imagine a society where love is considered a dangerous disease? Well, in Delirium you will find an absolutely complex and fascinating dystopian world where love is considered the most deadly of diseases.

Love is synonymous with imbalance, unhappiness, misfortune… it is an infection: something that must be completely eradicated so that human beings can live in peace, healthy, happy, calm, leading a simple but perfect life.

2. Wither

by Lauren DeStefano, 2011

In the near future, all newborns will die at a young age. Men live to be 25 years old, and women, who die in their 20s, are kidnapped and forced into polygamous marriages to prevent the entire humanity from disappearing.

Rhine is a 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped and later sold as the wife of a wealthy man. A world of privilege awaits her, and her young husband, Linden, loves her just as he does her other wives, but Rhine only wishes to escape.

3. Red Queen

by Victoria Aveyard, 2015

If you liked “The Selection” Series, you should definitely read this one. The Red Queen is a dystopian novel that describes a world ravaged by a genetic mutation that managed to change humans into gifted beings with all kinds of powers.

These humans are known as “Silvers”, since their blood turned silver; while the ones who did not change are called “Reds”. The Silvers rose to power in all kingdoms and subdued the Reds, who became their servants.

But everything changes when a Red, Mare Barrow, enters the palace as an employee and she discovers her true origin: she is not Red or Silver; she is both at the same time.

4. Chains of Gold

by Nancy Springer, 1986

Cerilla’s destiny is to marry the Summerking, Arlen, who must be sacrificed just after she gives birth to their firstborn.

She wants to escape the castle, but she will fall in love with Arlen and escaping alone will no longer be an option. Together they will leave everything behind and discover the dangers and horrors that lurk beyond the castle.

5. Cinderella is Dead

by Kalynn Bayron, 2020

Two hundred years ago, a fairy godmother made the impossible possible: she turned a pumpkin into a carriage, created a dress like no other, and led a dreamy girl called Cinderella into her new life.

But what if the story is not true? What if the dream is actually a nightmare? Sophia has always been raised with the legend of Cinderella as the only truth: she must become someone’s wife and start a family to continue the tradition.

But Sophia looks further and soon discovers that the system that almost everyone believes in is nothing more than a facade to hide the terrible secrets of the kingdom.

6. Royal Replicas

by Michael Pierce, 2017

Victoria Sandalwood is seventeen years old and has spent her entire life serving other people and enduring the mistreatment of her surrogate father, until one day she receives a message from the Queen of Westeria and she found out that she is her daughter.

The problem arises when she discovers that she is not the only girl who has received the queen’s message. All the girls must compete to take the place of the recently deceased Princess Amelia.

7. Matched

by Ally Condie, 2010

In this dystopian world, authorities plan people’s lives and decide for them where they should work, how they should dress, when they should die, and who they should love.

Cassia has never questioned the decisions they made for her, not even when they told her that the person with whom she must share the rest of her life is Xander, her best friend.

But a strange computer error will make the face of another boy appear on the microfiche that the authorities have given him: the enigmatic Ky. What if this error was not accidental? What if her true love was someone else?

8. XVI

by Julia Karr, 2011

Nina is a fifteen-year-old teenager. Some girls her age can’t wait to turn sixteen, to be legal. Nina is not one of them. When women turn sixteen they must get a “XVI” tattoo on their wrists, indicating that they have the right age to have sex.

The world revolves around the agenda set by the media and there is almost no room for privacy.

In this sense, the novel has a strongly Orwellian content, and will address issues, such as feminism, sexuality and gender violence, that are currently in vogue in our modern societies.

What books should I read if I liked the Selection Series?

Our Suggestions:

1. Delirium
2. Wither
3. Red Queen
4. Chains of Gold
5. Cinderella is Dead
6. Royal Replicas
7. Matched
8. XVI

What age and reading level is the Selection Series?

The Selection Series can be read by kids from 11 years old.

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