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Want More romance like “After” by Anna Todd? Here are 9 Similar books to Satisfy Your Cravings

The After Series by Anna Todd left readers wanting more. But what should you read next if the final book was too much to handle? This blog post features books similar to The After Series and will satisfy your cravings.

Have a look at the best books like After!

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Wicked Sexy Liar

by Christina Lauren

This book has all the feels of The After Series, plus more. If you’re looking for another New Adult story that will make you laugh out loud and cry until your heart breaks, then this is the book for you. 

It’s an emotional journey of love and second chances, as well as a lesson in what happens when we lie to those closest to us. It’s told from dual points-of-view which means it’ll be one helluva ride.

Beauty From Pain

by Georgia Cates

A story of love, loss, and redemption. If you’re looking for another book to make your heart ache with emotion like The After Series did, then this novel will do the trick.

It’s about finding that one person who can mend all your broken pieces. Georgia writes her novels so that readers cannot help but fall in love with them, just like it is done with The After Series. 

The Edge of Never

by J. A. Redmerski

This book contains all the feels that The After Series included, but with a bonus: a hot rockstar as your main character’s love interest. If you’re looking for more after reading Anna Todd’s famous novel, then this one will keep it going strong until the very end.

It even has sexy scenes between Camryn & Andrew that are similar to Tessa & Hardin’s. This story is worth checking out if you loved The After Series or fanfiction in general. 

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Beautiful Disaster

by Jamie McGuire

This book has a similar intense writing style to The After Series, plus it’s filled with drama and romance between America & Travis like Tessa & Hardin!

If you fell in love with both characters from Anna Todd’s After Series, then this novel will not disappoint.

The Duff

by Kody Keplinger

If you’re looking for a New Adult romance that will make your heart melt, then this book might be what you need to read next!

It’s filled with drama and humor like Anna Todd’s books, but it also has a fantastic female lead who struggles between two guys. One sweet & sexy; the other rich, dangerous, and hot as hell.

This novel will take you through all sorts of feels, just like The After Series did -so enjoy reading about Wesley Rush.

Forever with You

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This novel is one of Jennifer’s early works, but it still has the same intensity as The After Serie just without Tessa and Hardin ;). It will take you through all sorts of feels like Anna Todd’s books did, so if you’re looking for more after reading hers.

Add this book to your list and check it out. Plus, Gideon & Eva are just as hot as Tessa & Hardin…so there’s that too. It is an Adult Romance Novel that came out on December 19th, 2014.  


By Brodi Ashton 

Nikki is a “soul reaper” who has been exiled from the Underworld and sent to our world to feed on human souls.

But when her six months are up, she falls in love with a boy named Jack, who changes everything for her; giving up immortality would mean losing him forever.

The Dark Divine

by Bree Despain

Grace Divine has always wanted her father’s approval and love—but she isn’t exactly sure how to get it when he starts dating again after his wife dies in childbirth along with the baby boy.

It doesn’t help matters much that she feels like something strange is going on between him and one of his new students (who happens to be named Will).

The Wrath & The Dawn

By Renee Ayed

The Wrath and the Dawn is a breathtaking retelling of the famous One Thousand and One Nights folktale. It tells with a more feminist perspective. Scheherazade volunteers to be married off by her father as revenge against the boy she loved who was murdered on their wedding day.

He left behind his wife, whom he promised to love forever. She returns each night after being killed only to tell another story until all mysteries are revealed which no one expects at all.

This book will keep you guessing until it’s the shocking conclusion which leaves you gasping out loud.

There are very many great books out there to satisfy your cravings for more of After. Check them all out and see which one suits you best. You won’t be disappointed with any, but some might speak to you on a deeper level than others. Happy reading!

What books should I read if I likes After by Anna Todd?

1. Wicked Sexy Liar
2. Beauty From Pain
3. The Edge of Never
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. The Duff
6. Forever with You
7. Everneath
8. The Dark Divine
9. The Wrath & The Dawn

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