Books Like A Court Of Thorns And Roses

6 Books Like A Court Of Thorns And Roses that will provide you with a similar thrill as author Sarah J. Maas

Do you like fantasy novels? I’m sure you’ve read A Court of Roses and Thorns and haven’t been able to stop reading since you started the book. It is an exciting story that has everything: love, adventure, fantasy and suffering.

This novel is well known and successful from the beginning, there are also other stories that are worth reading and will fascinate you just as much. Like all good things, this book eventually comes to an end.

Fortunately and whatever type of reader you are, there are many options to read after A Court of Roses and Thorns that will provide you with a similar thrill as author Sarah J. Maas. Here we have listed books similar to A Court of Roses and Thorns.

Check it out and keep reading fascinating fantasy novels!

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Serpent and Dove

By Shelby Mahurin

Shelby Mahurin presents the story of how Lou (Louise le Blanc) ran away from her clan of witches led by her mother and ends up in the town of Cesarine, where she renounced magic to live as a thief. There, they hunt witches like Lou.

The witch hunter of the Church, Reid Diggory ignores the secret that Lou hides, but can he hide it for long? So when Lou is involved in a brawl, both she and Reid are forced to marry, is it possible that between these two people destined to hate each other, love can arise?

Serpent and Dove is set in a world of empowered women, dark magic, and out-of-the-ordinary romance. Narrated in the first person mostly by Lou, it is a fluid, well-set reading that allows us to imagine the story to perfection, leaving us wanting more.

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City)

By Sarah J. Maas

It is an adult urban fantasy, where we find an invented world and powerful characters who live more or less like today.

This contemporary fantasy where the setting is very good and the world created is chaotic. However, after having the first overwhelming contact, everything begins to take shape thanks to the exquisite and careful prose of the author.

Bryce Quinlan is a young woman like any other, she works every day, goes out partying every night, until a demon murders her friends. She had to change completely. Now she is empty and lives by routine, Bryce will do anything to avenge their deaths.

Hunt Athalar is a fallen angel who needs a deal to get free from the archangels he is now a slave to after trying to dethrone them and if that means working with Bryce, he is willing.

Together they search for the culprit that changed Bryce’s life. As they investigate they discover that a dark power is about to destroy everything they know. As well as, an attraction that could set them both free.

This story is a suspenseful plot with incredible characters, a passionate romance that shows us the price of freedom and the power of love.

The Cruel Prince

By Holly Black

This is a story that goes from little to more on a non-stop scale. First, we met the Duarte sisters, how they discovered the fairy world, but unexpectedly lost their world and their parents.

This story stars Jude, she is a young girl who longs for power and the sense of belonging that she misses so much.

She is a human girl who grew up to fight and these qualities will be vital to her when she is plunged headlong into the plots of the fairy court.

Once the intrigues begin to unravel, the reading becomes incredibly addictive and it is a challenge to stop reading.

Shadow and Bone

By Leigh Bardugo

With this novel of Slavic airs, Leigh Bardugo makes herself known in 2012. Although Alina’s story repeats the formula of the chosen one that can be taken as a cliché, the author showed that she knew how to give it an original twist that leaves the reader perplexed on more than one occasion and until the last page will keep you trapped. Maybe it’s the magnificent setting inspired by Czarist Russia.

Whatever it is, it spreads out over the pages, appreciable as you read, but when you get to the end it is complicated to explain.

Alina is a puny, orphaned teenage girl, a cartographer’s apprentice, who finds herself stationed in Kribirsk from where her regiment will cross the mysterious and terrifying Nocéano, which separates the kingdom of Ravka in two.

But during the journey through the Shadow, which no one quite knows how it was formed, they are attacked by the monsters that inhabit it called volcra.

To save her best friend Mal, Alina awakens by instinct an unequaled power: that of a Sun Summoner, after a long time. Discovering that Alina is a Grisha and holds within her the key to end the darkness of the Shadow.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

By Brigid Kemmerer

A Curse so Dark and Lonely Curse is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but darker. In Brigid Kemmler’s novel The Beast, he is forced to experience the same season (fall) over and over again, hoping that each season’s girl can break the curse.

In this story, we meet Harper, a smart, stubborn and strong young woman who will not let her disability (cerebral palsy) define her or hold her back in some cases. Rhen is the Prince of Emberfall, a Prince Charming, cursed by the terrible and cruel witch Lilith.

There is also the Commander of the Royal Guard, Gray, who has been with the prince since he was cursed.

Despite playing powerful roles in all three angles, the novel is narrated in the first person by Harper and Wren, giving readers the opportunity to read both perspectives and understand the secrets, thoughts, emotions and details hidden by other characters.


By Jay Kristoff

Nevernight is the first volume of a trilogy written by Jay about Mia Corvere and her world. Nevernight is an illusion. Pure fantasy, unexpected twists, and a lot of learning.

Nevernight is not overly novel or innovative, but it does have a sense of originality and novelty. The elements that are shown are blended, well-coordinated, and shine in the narrative.

The premise is a classic in fantasy: a wealthy young woman who was deprived of her entire world by unjust behavior and then seeks revenge as she grows up.

This brings us to the first great virtue of Nevernight: our protagonist Mia Corvere is a girl with a story to tell.

From the first page, Kristoff tells us what is going to happen in the form of a narrator and what we will read about in all three books. One page contains the main features of the story, its darkness, and violence.

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